Our Family

We are a fun family of five.  I am a retired wedding photographer, crossfit junkie, homeschool mom and general poop manager of our home.  My husband and our three children help too ....sometimes.

Our story : We began raising Ragdolls about 7 years ago. We tried to find a kitty for our children and there were difficulties finding one that could assimilate to busy family life. Then one night I Googled "best family cat" and there was a Ragdoll. We got Ginger, fell in love and decided to raise them so other families could enjoy Ragdolls as well. See our Righteous Ragdolls site.


We added our Russians at the end of 2016.  Our love for them came from a family member's Russian Blue "Smokey" who lives in NYC. When we visit he always snuggles with us, plays with toys and is beautiful to look at. We have been hugging on him for several years. Finally we decided that we wanted to add Russians to our home and raise them as pets. Thank you Smokey Aliah !


Both breeds are very similar in many respects. Both are very loving, affectionate, can hang with a busy family, all the other animals and as a bonus they are low shed, low on the allergy scale. They are different in other ways. Ragdolls are medium-long haired, large build, loaf around, eager to meet strangers. Russians are elegant, silky, a bit reserved with strangers but warm up quickly, curious, affectionate with their paws (as in they use their paws to touch you) and give kisses. They love to snuggle under your chin ! Its been fun to see the characteristics of both beloved breeds.


Our kittens, momma & pappa cats are part of our family.  All of them are raised in our home around children,  our Maltese "Dewey", Yorkie "Buddy" and Pomeranian "Pabu". We also have a Flemish Giant house bunny named "Louie" and a few reptiles.   Our yard is Fort Knox so all our furries are safe to run around and live the dream. We think it's a perfect place...for Russians and Ragdolls! 


Our Russians & Ragdolls are amazing, loving cats. Beautiful in temperament as well as looks. Can't decide ? Have one of each !

Email me at  Courtney@RighteousBlues.com

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